3D Printed Houses Have Arrived

3D printers—is there anything they can’t do? Apparently not.

We’re printing houses now. Not just houses. Villas. Five-story apartment buildings. With a 3D printer that’s 100 feet long and “ink” that’s made of recycled construction materials.

Can you imagine? You have a plot of land, go to a website, configure rooms the way you want them, and select “Print.”

A firm in China can print 10 single-story houses in 24 hours. This has huge implications for disaster relief and poverty relief, but 3D printing looks to be a game-changer for the entire construction industry.

Some people expect 3D printing to start a decentralized industrial revolution that’s more energy efficient and greener thanks to the use of sustainable, recyclable inks.

We might not have to routinely make mass quantities of things, store and ship those quantities, and wonder what to do when our projections of demand were wrong.

Imagine open source 3D printed cars, bikes, solar panels; isolated communities making farm equipment; schools recycling and printing new desks. The possibilities really do spark your imagination.

Now witness the firepower of this fully operational 3D-printer:

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