On Portland & Portlandia

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen
Among my Portland friends, most agree that Portlandia is “a little too accurate.” But a few friends bristle at the notion that Portlandia somehow defines the city (ironically this sentiment is very Portlandia).

To these friends, let me just say this about the show (in the voice of Candace): Do you not realize what a rare jewel Portlandia is?! 

There’s a very short list of sketch-based shows that have climbed the comedy mountaintop. The list probably includes Monty Python, Kids in The Hall, and Key & Peele. But those shows are, obviously, all male. There is no Carrie Brownstein.

Okay, maybe it’s impossible to compartmentalize Fred & Carrie because both of them so fluidly embody the show together—but to the extent that it is possible, you have to look at Carrie’s work and say dayum. You are the (Pull Out) King (see below)!

Worship her, Portland people. Prostrate yourself when Carrie walks by! Beg to kiss the hem of her garments—however ridiculous they may appear. Oh, and could you buy her memoir while you’re at it? Thanks.

And what, pray tell, are the kinds of TV shows that define other cities that you would have in Portlandia’s stead? Is there a show that somehow defines or captures any semblance of the true essence of San Francisco, Oakland, or, ahem, Seattle?

See how good Portland’s got it?




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