Trump Rewrites Neil Diamond’s “Coming to America”

Donald Trump gives nation stupendous revision of Neil Diamond’s patriotic classic.

In 1981, Neil Diamond’s song “Coming to America” praised and affirmed the nation’s long and continuing history of welcoming immigrants and refugees from all over the world. In 2017, Donald Trump gave us this tremendous rewrite. Sing along, won’t you?

You’ve been travelling far!
You’re refugees
But I’m a TV star

Only want to be free!
To hate you all
And grab pussy

On our yachts and on our jets
Republican America
Russian broads pee in my bed
Republican America

Don’t they beat all get out?
Oh, but I’m flying the hell out
To Mar-a-Lago
To my gold-framed portrait at Mar-a-Lago

Got a new and a shiny gate
We’ll teach the world to feel the hate
Putin’s hand up my ass
Passing 19% of his gas

Everywhere I shed all grace
Republican America
Every time I’m saving face
Republican America

The Electoral College is genius
Republican America
My erection’s NOT a micro-penis
Republican America

Republican America!
Republican America!
Republican America!
Stay out! Stay out! Stay out! (Stay out)

My country tis of me (Stay out)
Sweet land of me for me (Stay out)
Of me I sing (Stay out)
Of me I sing! (Stay out)

Immigrants who are not my wives! (Stay out)
Women who don’t dress like women! (Stay out)
Park rangers on Twitter! (Stay out)
So-called judges! (Stay out)
Blacks! Browns! Reds! Yellows! (Stay out)
People not me… (Stay out)

Neil Diamond’s original song “Coming to America” is presented here for musical accompaniment purposes.

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