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Left Coast

Left Coast magazine represents the culture and views of coastal CA, OR, WA, BC—the Left Coast of North America.

We often have more in common with people living 2000 miles away in other Left Coast cities than we do with people living 200 miles inland.

The Left Coast includes the major metro areas of the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s a place of stunning natural beauty where many unique cultures (Yankee, Appalachian, First Nations, and Asian among them) collided to produce something new.

In American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America, Colin Woodard describes the Left Coast as a Chile-shaped region stretching from around Monterey, California, all the way up to Juneau, Alaska.

Today it combines the Yankee faith in good government and social reform with a commitment to individual self-exploration and discovery… The Left Coast has been the birthplace of the modern environmental movement and the global information revolution (it is home to Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, and Silicon Valley), and the cofounder (along with New Netherland) of the gay rights movement, the peace movement, and the cultural revolution…

Left Coast magazine shines a light on things that are evolutionary leaps for us—new ideas, social movements, the insights we need to understand things deeply, reflect, and change. This not only helps us better know who we are, it allows us to have clearer relationships with people in other areas of North America, and the world. We also cover food and drinkhumor, music, climate, and more.

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