Debating Gender: What if Donald Trump was a Woman?

⇑ An actress portrays Donald Trump and a man plays Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential debates, in a play organized by NYU professors to discuss gender in politics.

My take:

The NYU students and faculty who put this performance together expected the audience to find Trump’s behavior more reprehensible and unacceptable from a woman.

They did not anticipate how different the audience reaction would be to a man playing Clinton.

Apparently, he was too feminine. Americans are apparently so afraid of femininity in any form, they reject real toughness and real intelligence that’s feminine in favor of fake toughness from a weak and dumb man.

I think back to watching a substantive interview with Obama on YouTube, only to look at the comments and see this: “Look at the way Obama crosses his legs. What a fag.”

And I think of Idiocracy, where all the men ask the hero why he “talks faggy” (he simply sounds vaguely intelligent).

This gender-reversal of the debate shows us that Clinton lost not simply due to sexism aimed at her and at women. She also lost because Americans are so fearful of the feminine, we prefer a completely fraudulent masculinity.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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