Stephen Colbert Explains Why Global Warming Could Cool Things Down in the Bedroom

↑ “Turns out climate change might have a downside.”

That’s the hot take from a recent episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Impending tick takeovers, walloping storms, and submerged cities haven’t been enough to get most Americans hot and bothered about climate change. But as Colbert explains, there’s a new warning about the risks of a warming atmosphere, one that hits us where it hurts: “you know, in the bathing suit area.” Yep, a new study says that climate change will lead to “diminished coital frequency.”

“This is how low [scientists] have had to sink to try to get our attention,” Colbert says. Well, you know what they say: Sex sells. With that kind of news on the table, maybe it’s a good thing the Paris climate summit is taking place in the city of love…

This post first appeared in OnEarth.

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